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General Pediatrics Certifying Examination - General Pediatrics Certifying Examination  

Information For All Certifying Examinations


  1. An applicant must satisfactorily complete the standard length of training before the first day of the month in which the examination is administered. An applicant whose contracted training period does not expire before the first day of the month of the examination will not be eligible for that examination, even if all formal training has been completed earlier and the remaining time is used only for leave.


  2. Applications and re-registration forms for all certifying examinations are available only via the ABP Web site. First-time applicants and re-registrants may apply during the specified registration periods only. Application payment can only be made using either a VISA or MasterCard credit card. If an applicant experiences a technical difficulty, he or she must contact the ABP the same or next business day.


  3. Applicants must refer to the Physician Portfolio to monitor the status of the application. A receipt of payment is available to print from the Physician Portfolio. The Physician Portfolio will display items missing from the application (if applicable), acceptance letters, site assignment and the results of the examination. Although reminders of missing material will be sent by e-mail, it is the applicant's responsibility to frequently review the Physician Portfolio to ensure the required material is received by the ABP by the published deadlines and to notify the ABP of e-mail and US Postal Service address changes.


  4. Applicants for general pediatrics certification who graduated from a medical school outside the US or Canada must ensure that a copy of the medical school diploma, with translation if necessary, and the ECFMG certificate (or acceptable substitution), marked valid indefinitely, are received by the ABP published deadline.


  5. The ABP does not sponsor or maintain records about any courses that claim to be review courses in preparation for its certifying examinations, nor does the ABP track continuing medical education credits.


  6. The ABP reserves the right to withhold permission for applicants to take its examinations and/or certification in the event of circumstances demonstrating that an applicant is not capable of performing the role of physician and advocate for infants, children and adolescents. In such instances, the applicant will be notified, and the applicant may appeal the decision to the Credentials Committee of the ABP or the Credentials Committee of the Subboard.


  7. The validity of the performance of candidates on the certifying examination of the ABP is secured by every means available.


  8. The names of certified pediatricians, but not their scores, will be sent to appropriate organizations, directories and journals.


  9. The certificate awarded for passing a certifying examination of the ABP will reflect the candidate's medical degree awarded at the time of graduation from medical school (eg, MD, DO, MBBS, MBChB, MBBCh). Degrees awarded either before or after graduation from medical school will not be included on the certificate.


  10. For candidates who are concerned that their answer sheets provided for written examinations were not scored correctly, hand scoring is available for a fee of $60.00 for the 2012 certifying examinations. Effective for the 2012 certifying examinations, the hand score will increase to $200.00. However, candidates are not encouraged to request this service since neither mechanical nor computer errors have ever been found. Verification procedures are implemented for each examination to ensure that scores are accurate through both computerized and manual checks. Requests should be made in writing accompanied by a check or money order. All requests for a handscore must be received within six months of the examination administration date.


  11. The ABP's examinations are copyrighted and administered in secure testing centers by proctors who are responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the certification process. Proctors are required to report to the ABP any irregular or improper behavior by a candidate, such as giving or obtaining information or aid, looking at the test material of others, removing examination materials from the test center, taking notes, bringing electronic devices (eg, cameras, scanners, Blackberries, iPhones, cell phones and the like) into the examination, failing to comply with time limits or instructions, or talking or other disruptive behavior. Irregular or improper behavior that is observed, made apparent by statistical analysis, or uncovered by other means will be considered a subversion of the certification process and will constitute grounds for invalidation of a candidate's examination.
General Pediatrics Certifying Examination - General Pediatrics Certifying Examination
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