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Physician Requirements FAQs FAQs for 2010-2015 Certificate Expirees FAQs for Permanent Certificate Holders

Frequently Asked Questions

Physician Requirements FAQs

Multiple Certificate Requirements

Do I need to maintain my general pediatrics certificate in order to maintain my subspecialty certificate?

No. However, Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is designed to reduce the time and expense of maintaining multiple certificates. To maintain multiple certificates, you need to fulfill MOC requirements. When your next certificate expires and you enroll in MOC, your MOC requirements and MOC cycles for all certificates convert to align with your subspecialty certificate cycle and requirements. If you are a Board-certified subspecialist and choose not to maintain your general pediatrics certification, your listing in the Verify Certification will be your subspecialty certification. For your personal requirements, log on to My ABP Portfolio.

Are fee discounts available for maintaining multiple certificates?

No. Effective in 2011, the new fee structure for MOC includes one exam. If you take a subspecialty initial certification exam or wish to take more than one MOC exam, an additional examination fee is charged.

General Questions About MOC

I need to renew one of my certificates. What is the process?

MOC requirements vary depending upon the expiration date of your certificate. Please log on to My ABP Portfolio for your personal requirements or see Physician Requirements.

Examinations - Part 3

Why is a secure examination required?

The security of the examination is a matter of public trust. The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) has a responsibility to assure the public (including patients, parents, payers, hospitals, and regulatory agencies) that the physician taking the examination presents appropriate identification documents. Knowledge is vital to quality care. Therefore, it is a priority of the ABP to ensure that diplomates maintain knowledge competency and attest to it on a periodic basis.

Is the MOC examination the same examination that I took for initial certification?

No. The ABP Board of Directors decided to make the MOC examination more clinically focused rather than on topics that can be found in standard reference materials. Approximately 1,000 pediatricians provided input regarding the design and content of the general pediatric examination.

When will I get my examination results?

General Pediatrics: You should receive notification of your results via email within 60 days after taking the examination. If you have NOT received this email notification within 60 days of the examination please contact

Subspecialties: If you take your examination in March, you should receive notification via email by late June; if your examination is in October, by late January. If you have NOT received this email notification within this timeframe please contact

Why does it take 60 days to get my examination results?

Extensive quality control activities are conducted before releasing results. The ABP ensures that the examination is psychometrically sound and accurate. These measures can require up to 60 days. Test results are posted in each physician's My ABP Portfolio and notifications are e-mailed to participants immediately following these quality control activities.

Will there be a practice examination before I go to a Prometric Testing Center?

Yes. The Knowledge Self-assessment (Part 2) is designed to be a practice examination for the general pediatrics examination. If you are taking a subspecialty examination, the Examination Demo offers a review of examination functions. See Content and Preparation for more details.

Performance in Practice - Part 4

I am a physician who is not seeing patients. How can I successfully complete the Performance in Practice requirements?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers eQIPP for physicians who do not see patients.

What if there is not a Quality Improvement (QI) project that meets my practice needs?

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is working with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other external organizations to ensure that there are many quality improvement (QI) projects available. In addition, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Patient Safety Improvement Program includes tracks applicable to ABMS specialties and offers activities to improve ambulatory or acute care.

If I am involved in a local, regional, or national QI initiative, can I get Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit for my participation?

Possibly. If you are involved in a local, regional, or national QI initiative, it may already be an Approved Project for Part 4 credit. If it is not currently an approved project, the institution leading the QI initiative can apply for approval by using the ABP Standards for Quality Improvement Projects Seeking MOC Approval.

Physician Requirements FAQs FAQs for 2010-2015 Certificate Expirees FAQs for Permanent Certificate Holders
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